Textile Designing

Textile designers take various types of cloths and fabrics and create works of art. At their feet lies the world of color, patterns, treatments, formation, and perspective. Truly, the textile designer is privileged in possessing unlimited tools with which to actualize the inner-workings of their artistic imagination.

here are a number of careers in a variety of industries for graduates of a textile design program, which include:

  • Weaver
  • Quality assurance inspector for textiles
  • Freelance textile artist
  • Home furnishings textile design
  • Product developer for interior design
  • Fashion textile designer

On Advance Diploma in Textile Designing : you will undertake a range of projects like Weaving ; Printing; Embroidery aims to introduce you to your course and its subject specialism as well as to effective learning and studentship at diploma level. It will orientate you to the practices and knowledge base needed to understand your discipline and help you to develop your skills for independent and collaborative learning, reflection and your own self-development. Students come from many diverse educational backgrounds and a part of this unit will enable to reflect on your own background and how that shapes the way you approach your course.

Textile Design

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